Analytically-driven creative.

Marketers and creative types have access to an incredible amount of data. Before we design anything, write a word of copy, come up with a single tagline, we dissect this information. Analytics tell us very clearly who the audience is, what kind of content will motivate them, where they consume information (and where they don’t!), and when they will be most receptive to marketing initiatives.  

Then, and only then, do we start working on the ideas. We call this analytically-driven creative™. Our clients call it awesome.

The Process

Analytics: forensic research into each channel to determine how they align with business objectives, how they are performing, ROI, and trends in the market.

Creative: based on the analytics, we create communication ideas to move messaging forward with clear objectives, measurable results, and benchmarks.

Perspectives: we liaise with your team – internal and external – to understand the landscape from their vantage point, insights that form an integral part of the audit.

The Package

Detailed content and marketing audit: what’s working, what’s not, weaknesses, competitive landscape, where and what the gaps are in relation to your key objectives, presented in both a high-level and granular inventory format.

Creative analysis: review of existing strategies, overall effectiveness and inconsistencies, and recommendations for new creative and content that will directly tie to objectives.

Action plan: detailed, tangible, executable plan for connecting data, leveraging and building the channels that are working, and releasing the ones that aren’t. These can be handed over to an internal team, or we can work together on seeing these into reality in the short-term.