Custom Publishing

Deciding Where to Publish is Important

The Challenge

Well beyond advertising and marketing, companies have now been asked to become publishers and distributors of content. The knee jerk reaction has been to open multiple social media and digital channels: have the CEO start tweeting, become bloggers, create Facebook pages, spend a good portion of the budget on videos for YouTube channels, and the like.

The problem? Every other brand is doing the same thing. Through their own channels. Which makes for an incredibly cluttered marketplace, and an audience with simply too many generic choices.


The Solution

Tell different stories.  The amount of content available online today is astounding. In this cluttered landscape, our approach is pretty simple. Instead of yelling louder, tell a different story.

Rethink distribution. Leverage existing social channels. Create non-competitive partnerships to increase exposure.  Speak through complementary brand channels to reach targeted, engaged audiences. Distribution  that can be used for acquisition and retention.

Create stories that resonate.  Stories that evoke emotion, and drive action.



Titles we've developed.

Wander Wellness Travel Magazine
Live well. Eat well. Travel well.

Wander Magazine

One of the world’s first magazines focusing exclusively on wellness travel, Wander celebrates the health and well-being of body, mind, and soul through inspiring stories of destination-based adventures, spas and treatments, yoga retreats, and culinary vacations.

In every issue, we explore the areas of Living, Eating and Travelling Well, with expert advice and real-life experiences woven together. Our readers are smart, informed, and highly motivated to live their best lives.

Partnering with top-tier brands, Wander presents the best of the best in apparel, nutrition, fitness, food, spa, and travel, from lodges to retreats, to spa trends and therapies, to adventure travel and wellness vacations. 1.5 million impressions have been generated to date, and readership is growing at a rate of 40% year over year.

Your adventure starts here.

Zest magazine

Zest was developed in conjunction with a private luxury travel concierge service to deliver value-add for HollisWealth clients (now part of Scotia Wealth Management). To create the title we assessed the market and their behaviour to determine how best to reach them, and with what type of content.

Affluent Canadians want to spend against experience, so we established and created a print lifestyle magazine focused on luxury and active travel experiences. Springfed executed end-to-end, including creative design, editorial, and marketing.  Zest was distributed through HollisWeath advisors; no social channels were created to manage ongoing, as the audience was not engaging there.

Presented to exclusive partners as an opportunity to speak with this select audience created an environment where readers were rewarded with special offers and incentives.  For participating partners, this engagement delivered a mechanism to track and optimize engagement.

We specialize in creating stories, and distributing them to the right people, at the right time.

We’d love to tell yours.