Get Analytically-Driven Creative™

We are a collective of creative types, marketing and advertising experts with experience in digital (websites, social media, SEO, SEM), traditional (remember print?), and non-traditional communication platforms. We work with clients ranging from local storefronts to multinationals, the common thread being strategic idea generation that produces measurable results and creates meaningful conversations with consumers. From initial research and strategic thinking to brand creation, campaigns, and analysis, Springfed works as a full-service creative partner to produce the best results, regardless of medium.


Projects start with forensic research into channels to determine how they align with business objectives, how they are performing, and trends in the market. We review strategies, effectiveness and inconsistencies, and craftt recommendations for new creative & content.


Based on the analytics, we create communication ideas to move messaging forward with clear objectives, benchmarks, and measurable results. Creative that resonates with consumers.  Creative that fulfils defined business objectives. Creative that works.


We provide smart, executable strategies for connecting brands with new consumers and optimizing retention channels. These can be handed over to an internal team, or we can work together on seeing these into reality – short-term, by project, or on an ongoing basis.

Instead of Yelling Louder, Tell Different Stories

In a cluttered digital environment, businesses need to be innovative and authentic in order to attract and maintain consumer attention and market share. Our approach is to develop targeted content that involves brands from the outset. Creative story telling that revolves around these brands, and the authentic experiences they deliver.



Live Well, Eat Well, Travel Well.

Now in its seventh year, Wander is the world’s largest publication for wellness travel lifestyles.



Canada, Curated.

Syrup is an international-facing publication that highlights the best of the best experiential travel in Canada. 




Overland Resource

The popularity of overlanding is growing. And we’ve got some incredible places to test you and your vehicle’s capabilities. 

Doing Good Work with Good People

Alpine Private Ski Club
Arctic Kingdom
Blackhawk Network
Canada’s 100 Best
Destination Canada

Eminence Canada
Gravitate Travel
Life Experiences
Prepare for Canada
Rogers Media
Scotia Inspire

Single Entry Point
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