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A collective of creatives, marketing, PR and advertising experts, we work with clients ranging from local storefronts to multinationals, the common thread being strategic idea generation that produces measurable results and creates meaningful conversations with customers.

From initial research and strategic thinking to brand creation, platform building, creative design, and multi-channel campaign execution, Springfed works as a full-service partner to produce the best results, period.

We provide smart, executable strategies for connecting brands with new consumers and optimizing the too-often-neglected retention channels. These can be handed over to an internal team, or we can work together on seeing these into reality – short-term, by project, or on an ongoing basis.

Wander Custom Magazines

Instead of Yelling Louder, Tell Different Stories

The amount of content available online today is astounding. In this cluttered marketing landscape, businesses need to be innovative and authentic to attract and maintain consumer attention.
Our approach is to develop targeted content that involves brands from the outset. Creative storytelling that revolves around these brands and the authentic experiences they deliver. Strategic marketing that is driven by analytics…not assumptions.
Creating stories that resonate, evoke emotion, and drive action. And then layering on the marketing campaigns and strategies to drive measurable results. Wash, rinse, repeat.
Arms Wide


  • Digital Marketing Strategy, Campaign Development & Execution, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Paid Advertising), Social Media Advertising, KPI/Reporting Frameworks

Analytically-Driven Creative

Every project starts with forensic research.

We review strategies, effectiveness and inconsistencies, and craft recommendations for creative, content, and marketing that align with business objectives, harness emerging trends, and close gaps.

Based on the analytics, we create ideas to move messaging forward with clear objectives, benchmarks, and measurable results.

Creative that resonates with consumers. Creative that fulfils defined business objectives. Creative that works.


  • Branding, Creative Strategy & Ideation, Campaign Development & Creative, Graphic Design & Layout
Plant a Seed

Custom Content

We create turnkey digital and print content pieces, brand features, platforms, video series, and magazines aimed at both customer retention and acquisition, handling the entire process from ideation to final product, including curation, layout, shooting, writing, editing, marketing, and even distribution. 
Whatever you’re in need of, you can leave the heavy lifting to our team of designers, writers, marketers, videographers, and project managers. 
Come Closer

Our Platforms

Launched in 2014, Wander was one of the first platforms to focus on the emerging intersection of wellness & travel.

The mission remains to inspire the well-being of body, mind, and soul with stories of destination-based wellness experiences, luxe spas, soulful retreats, and culinary journeys.

Partnering with top-tier brands, Wander curates the best in exceptional experiences and goods from the areas of wellness, nutrition, and fitness & destinations, adventures, lodges, retreats, and spas.

Modern Regenerative Living


Unveiling the secrets of success in social, economic & environmental spheres, Evergreen proves that thriving communities are not just a possibility but a thrilling reality. Join us in reshaping the narrative and discovering how growth and sustainability go hand in hand.

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Go Places, Do Stuff

Wander Overland

The popularity of overlanding is growing. And we’ve got some incredible clients leveraging this to create unique content for adventurous souls, truck nerds, and families who prefer to connect over campfires.


Our Team Leads

Kristina Smith
Marketing Director / Analyst

Kristina Smith

Kristina brings an extensive marketing background to the team, with deep experience designing and executing omnichannel strategies for local, national, and multi-national brands, including many successful content and advertising initiatives. Her solid track record for driving growth meshes well with her passion for data and analysis, where her specialty is unearthing key gaps hindering growth. Kristina has worked with B2B and B2C brands in the travel, spa, wellness, marketing, and retail verticals. [LinkedIn]

Creative Director / Strategist

Matthew Ross

Creative director and photographer with over 20 years of experience creating brands, providing strategies, and executing creative concepts for companies ranging from Microsoft to Rogers Media. His success stems from a unique perspective on problem-solving and the ability to execute the creative vision and provide tangible, measurable results. [LinkedIn]

Brendan Christie
Editorial Director / Content Lead

Brendan Christie

A veteran writer, editor and content strategist, Brendan has lead several national and international magazines – including Maxim Canada, The Reporter/Style Reporter and Playback – and created targeted, consumer-driven content for clients such as Scotiabank, MasterCard and Audi. [LinkedIn]

PR and Marketing Strategist

Ally Carlson

Ally is a seasoned PR and marketing professional with a decade of experience overseeing strategic integrated campaigns in the retail, lifestyle and tourism industries. Ally spent several years with a leading economic development and tourism marketing firm where she managed media relations, crisis communications, partnerships, cross-country sales missions and more. Prior to that, Ally worked in communications for one of Canada’s leading retailers. [LinkedIn]

Brian Hunt
Video Director / DOP

Brian Hunt

Brian is an accomplished Director and DOP with an action sports background. His understanding for storytelling at the post production level is a major influence in his shooting. Brian delivers both technical and creative expertise to the team. Brian has worked closely with companies to develop corporate training programs. [LinkedIn]

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